CARPET HEATER , carpet heating , floor heater , floor heating



CARPET HEATER , carpet heating , floor heater , floor heating

We get immediately in the form of a carpet made of stove. Is extremely safe and healthy product. There is no resistance in the wire or cable. Carpet creates a magnetic field coil type heaters, our stove does not occur. Helps to relieve foot pain. If adequate power is available to purchase in the room is fully heated. You do not need an additional heater. If you want to use in just to keep warm under foot. Safely used in areas where children can play.

A combination of carpet and stove!

Carpet Stove and the power is produced in various sizes. Models for design and choice of models, please visit the page. To receive our products via Internet e-commerce site visit

“Underfloor heating, heating systems for living in the most appropriate and healthy one. With proper design and use to remove dust and dust is not possible to burn. ”

Revolution Electric Stove...

Direct electric heating stove is a carpet. Product is patented and can not be copied ayak sobası , halı soba , halı sobası , halı ısıtıcısı , halı altı ısıtma , zeminden ısıtma

Advantages of Carpet Stove:

  1. Electric Stove is the most secure
  2. The most fun of rug
  3. Warming of the Energy Saving
  4. Failure does not do in case of wetting
  5. Impact is not without falling and bending
  6. Dust and insect (mite) and does not contain bacteria
  7. Prevents odor